Digital Transformation World ‘24

18-20 June | Bella Center, Copenhagen
Kiosk C25 in Catalyst Zone 1


Digital Transformation
World 2024

Let’s meet at TM Forum DTW24 – Ignite in Copenhagen on 18-20 June.

Come and visit us at kiosk C25 in Catalyst Zone 1 of the Catalyst proof of concept ‘CABOOM! Converged access B2B2C over ODA marketplace – Phase III’ to discover how far, with our contribution, the assurance of reliable connectivity can go to create new opportunities for operators to monetise their network and deliver customised services to their users.

Explore how we help Tier-1 operators to enjoy improved network efficiency and lower costs by leveraging our telecom-focused expertise in network automation, AI/ML and big data analytics to provide guidance, support and use case-based solutions along their autonomous network journey.

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Monetise CaaS with our Catalyst proof of concept

Phase I and Phase II of the Catalyst demonstrated business continuity across multiple network technologies. Now Phase III goes a step further by incorporating new technologies such as satellite, software-defined wide area network (SDWAN), fibre and mobile, for a variety of private network use cases such as stadium, airports, etc.


We collaborated to the Catalyst project with our service assurance expertise and worked with CSP champions and other service providers to remove complexity from the integration between marketplaces and connectivity by leveraging the existing assets related to TM Forum open digital architecture (ODA) and the work of CAMARA. The Catalyst provides the opportunity for operators to capitalise on the exploding global Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) market by assuring reliable connectivity across an even wider range of technologies.

Key benefits to be enjoyed:

Catalyst presentation

Attend the brief Catalyst Arena presentation at DTW24 – Ignite, find out how business growth is fuelled by this proof of concept:
On Tuesday 18th June
at 12:14pm in the Catalyst Arena

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and how service assurance plays a role in it.

Increased efficiency and cost reduction at your fingertip

Achieving your network digital transformation objectives is paramount to you. We are here to help you with our professional services and easily customisable use case-based solutions. We explore the options together and focus on the ones that make a real difference to you, whichever is your starting point and technology ecosystem.

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As signatory of the TM Forum Autonomous Journey and expert in automated assurance, we know the benefits that you can enjoy by focusing your efforts on automation and by progressing along your autonomous network journey.