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Public Transport

Real-time capacity monitoring and modelling


Real-time passenger capacity monitoring within the local transport network of a municipality, estimate of passenger flow at each stop and forecasting of capacity and flow KPIs and generation of heatmaps.

Real-time passenger capacity monitoring in the local transport
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vax box for video data analytics

Combination-based VAx


Future Connections worked with a system integrator to deploy edge-computing VAx on the vehicles to calculate passenger capacity using on-board security cameras. Telemetry was sent to the cloud for postprocessing and analysis using 3G/4G mobile network. In addition, Future Connections big data & analytics team provided KPI definition and calculation, modelling and forecasting expertise. Machine learning algorithms were introduced to model KPIs behaviour and trending.


Real-time information used by the local transport company for smart management of routes and frequencies around the municipality.

capacity of a public transport monitored by videoanalytics

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