Managed Telco Services

Telco Services

We help our customers to take advantage of the multiple new opportunities that the fast developing telecom-reliant world presents. We expertly and flexibly provide a wide range of managed telco services and solutions to – or on behalf of – telecom and IT businesses.
We are known and appreciated for our highly skilled and experienced team of experts and our end-to-end delivery approach. Our customers trust us to deliver services and products that they can rely on and be proud of.

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Technology expertise

Technology advancements are increasingly impacting our way of living, challenging us to adapt and change
the way we serve our customers. Network domains are no exemption to such advancements, whether the end customer
is a consumer or an enterprise:

FttX planning
and design

(Smart home)





Technology expertise

At Future Connections we do not stand still. Working closely with our customers, we tap into our proven expertise and technology passion to deliver services and solutions that provide real answers to the challenges of today and lay out solid foundations for the solution of the challenges of tomorrow. Nowadays, our expertise covers:

Our B2B customers

Our customers

We specialise in B2B telecom

From the best known brands to the upcoming ones, we are the quality choice of national and international companies operating across Europe and beyond.


Service providers

Telecom IT

Your services to consumers

Your services to enterprises

Your end customers

We have many years of experience in serving our customers and, where required, their end customers. In these cases, we are your operating arm, the face that they see and the service quality that they experience.

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Whether remotely or face-to-face, we are happy to deliver your services to your consumers. Our team has courteous manners, leaves the place tidy and makes always sure that everything works and is explained to your customer before leaving the site or closing the calls.

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We appreciate how important the quality of service is to your enterprise customer and aim at exceeding your expectations every time. We work closely with your team before, during and after our delivery in a transparent and co-operative way, to achieve high customer satisfaction.

High quality for your peace of mind

We are fit for purpose

We are on a mission to maintain extremely high customer satisfaction and continually improve the quality of our delivery. We focus on:

1. Quality of services and management

2. Innovative approach

Access to our expert data analytics and network intelligence teams to support your optimisation, automation and digitisation processes and customer journeys

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Future Connections has been installing our Budget All-in-1 product for everyone who needs it at home. Their delivery fits perfectly with our DNA. We appreciate their commitment, their flexibility to take up every challenge and their quality at a good price! It just works
Wout Hut
Operations Director, Budget Home

Our portfolio

1. Operations Support Center

2. Field Operations

3. Management
and Consulting

1. Operations Support Center

Our team of skilled and experienced back office professionals customise, manage and deliver our services for your unique use case.
Every customer has different requirements and preferences. However, all of them share and enjoy the same degree of high quality delivery, great personal attention and open communication approach. Our team of professionals adds value every step of the way, providing transparency, guidance and support to the customer.

Get in touch for an introductory conversation about your specific requirements and how we can be of service to you. We will be happy to set up a call at your convenience.


We offer a wide range of planning services that deal with expert allocation and management of material, people and time, paying particular attention to skills and availability:


Our range of OSS inventory services include:

Let us work out a plan perfectly tailored to your needs


Data provides a good view of how things are going. Specific key performance indicators highlight how far or close certain aspects of the business are from the desired trajectory and can be expected to develop in the future. As integral part of our service, our team delivers regular or ad-hoc:

Capacity management

Our team is on hand to support our customers in resourcing their projects and campaigns ahead of their launch. This provides a clear view of their implications and how they are going to affect the company forecast, delivery capacity and logistics.

Let us give you the view you need to grow your business

Monitoring and analytics

Our in-house team is well placed to provide close monitoring of service performance and regular analysis of the data created by it. In addition, it can also provide a wide range of services in the big data domain, as well as integration, automation and optimisation of data and processes:

Let us give you visibility of the data that most matters to you


Remote 2nd line support

When an engineer on the field cannot solve technical issues onsite, our qualified remote engineers, located in our Service Operations Centre in the Netherlands, are called upon to solve the issues.
In addition, if your provisioning is no longer working, our engineers can intervene and resolve the issue in your network administration system.
The combination of the right technical knowledge, the right tools and the right phisical presence onsite brings the issue to an effective resolution quickly and efficiently.

Quality management

We aim not only at maintaining but also improving the already high quality of our delivery and customer experience.
Based on real-time performance reporting, we continously search for upgrades and innovative ideas that we then incorporate in our product and service delivery. Our open and honest customers’ feedbacks guide us in our continuous endeavour.

Let us help you to improve your performance and customer satisfaction

2. Field Operations

Whether on the road or from the back-office, our highly skilled teams provide daily a range of excellent field operations services to our customers across the Benelux region. Based on the specific requirements of our customers, our engineers successfully deliver hundreds of multi-play installations at consumers’ homes, migrate business customers to the latest cloud products, deal with support requests and plan technology or operator swaps.
But they don’t stop there. With the ever evolving technology and the more complex in-home scenario, the advisory role of engineers becomes vital. Our teams are trained to deliver sound advice, to guide your end customers on their choices and provide you with potential upselling opportunities.

Get in touch for an introductory conversation about your specific requirements. We will be happy to set up a call with you

Our delivery in the last 12 months

field engineer

Onsite installation, upgrading, migration and swap

Our qualified and certified field engineers deal efficiently and professionally with any installation, upgrade, migration or swap requirement. They regularly undertake training through our very own Future Tech Academy, so that they are ready to meet the newest technological challenges, deal with complex situations and even develop upselling and cross-selling skills. Our customer-oriented engineers will visit on the pre-planned day with the aim to complete the job in a single visit to the customer’s satisfaction.
Currently the field engineering team attracts an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 48, and a First Time Right (FTR) score in excess of 95%.

Engage our field engineering team to ensure full customer satisfaction

Remote support

In line with the times, we also offer to our customers the option of a remote support service that has a proven track record to reduce field tickets by more than 30%.
Using modern tools that provide visual and audio connection, we expertly and efficiently guide the end customer to the issue resolution.
We customise our SLAs to your specific requirements, responding appropriately to different levels of urgency and different types of intervention. All our activities comply fully with the GDPR requirements.

Configuration and integration

Your business may require a variety of configuration and integration services that are specific to the technology you have adopted. Our team of experts is flexible and adaptable, ready to provide the services you require, for example:

Talk to us about your chosen technology and the challenges it poses to you


Our qualified engineers provide testing services to your exact specification, whether traditional or based on enterprise-specific features. For example:


The impact on our life of the recent technology advancements is so far reaching that living in a connected home has now become a reality. With our dedicated services, your IP-based smart home solutions too can be integrated in an existing environment and supported remotely.

Let us help you deliver and support your smart home services

3. Management and consulting

We offer a comprehensive range of management and consulting services tailor-made and customised to your individual needs and technological preferences. We work with you to support your digital transformation journey, improve your operational efficiency and enhance your customer experience.

Let us support you along your digital transformation journey

Project management

We expertly manage end-to-end programs, projects or, simply, parts of the delivery process that you prefer to outsource to a professional team. We make sure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently: we deal with any issue that may arise and provide full transparency, open and honest communication along the way.

Our network architects, consultants and engineers work as a team for you on your fixed and mobile telecommunications and IT environments. Guided by their knowledge and passion for the subject, they work with you on your challenges to find the best possible solution.

Tap into our technical experience and knowledge to receive some advice

Data analytics

We are specialists in responsibly identifying, extracting and integrating data that can add value to your decision making process. We then apply advanced analytics techniques on the data based on Artificial Intelligence principles, so that you have better insights to:

Read more about our data analytics services and the benefits you can enjoy

Process re-design

Business processes form the core of an organisation and are vital to the efficient delivery of its quality products and services. It is therefore imperative for any business to regularly review, re-imagine and update its operational processes, and embrace and enjoy any improvement derived from it in terms of:

Using our extended experience, we guide you along the way by providing insights, best practice and a working model that leads you to your desired outcome.

Data analytics

Once we have extracted meaningful insights from your data through analytics based on Artificial Intelligence principles, we expertly automate your processes to achieve the increased efficiency, cost reduction and clarity that you need to manage at best your business. Additionally, we create useful dashboards that can automatically deliver alerts and trigger consequential actions based on your unique thought process and use case.

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