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Competence-based workforce development

The Future Tech Academy

Competence-based workforce development

Employees are your organisation’s greatest asset. They can accelerate or slow down the achievement of your objectives and the implementation of your growth strategy. It is vital that you support and guide the development of the competences that your employees need to shape that growth, strategy implementation and organisational development.
The Future Tech Academy (FTA) expertly aligns your employee development with your own growth strategy. We improve the performance of your staff by creating personalised competence development plans based on competence gap analysis and implement and monitor them along your employees’ development journey.

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The FTA benefits

The FTA is aimed particularly at technology-based organisations – public or private-owned – and their employees. Over the years we have developed a vast experience in highly technological telco industries, which are typically susceptible to fast-paced technological and market changes. Both organisations and employees can enjoy a variety of benefits by embracing the FTA program:

Organisational benefits

Employee benefits

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The workforce competencies

In a heavily technological environment, there are typically 3 types of competencies:

Technical knowledge

Technical skills required for the specific organisational role

Soft skills

Cross-functional skills that enable the employees to fulfill their role better when interacting with others internally and externally


The individual, personal way employees look at life, work and the world in general

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The FTA methodology identifies the gap between reality and requirement of all 3 types of competencies.

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How we work

  1. Clarify in which direction the organisation is heading towards
  2. Translate the organisation’s strategy into required roles and, in turn, roles into competencies
  3. Comprehensive three-way entry assessment involving the employee through a personal interview, the manager and the FTA specialist
  4. Deliver a competence gap analysis by comparing outcomes of step 2 and step 3
  5. Create a personal development plan for each participant
  6. Design and implement a specific training program and coaching plan

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An Alliance of two leading organisations

The FTA is an Alliance of two experienced organisations, started as part of the SLIM2020 governmental program in the Netherlands. With their combined expertise and measurable impactful results, the two founding companies are now on a mission to bring the same far-reaching benefits to other progressive technology companies.

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The Future Tech Academy

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