NIx Network Intelligence

NIx Network Intelligence

Make your network work harder for you by leveraging the power of NIx, our multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-domain, multi-service platform and its portfolio of modules and applications. With NIx we improve automation with practical solutions for your specific use cases. NIx aligns your network performance to the new requirements of the digital era while maximising efficiency and quality. It adds richness of data, agility, adaptability and responsiveness to it.

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The NIx Platform

A powerful solution to address your automation and orchestration challenges

NIx is the modularscalable, easily customisable and cost-effective platform that automates your networks and processes by leveraging the latest technology advancements such as AI, ML, OpenAPI and big data analytics. It learns from all your data sources regardless of their nature or departmental ownership, BSS or OSS. It works across all vendors equipment, technology and domains, making it an extremely flexible and easily customisable way to address your unique use cases. Based on advanced technology and solid network knowledge principles, the NIx platform works with all network elements and network types, whether legacy technologies or virtualised network functions. Its modules and applications are the right tools to help you embrace and deliver digital, IoT and 5G services by optimising the operational performance of your network.

NIx features

NIx benefits

The NIx modules and applications

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Leveraging our NIx platform, over the years we have developed and implemented several open loop automation applications. They are grouped in modules, based on the specific function of the network automation they focus on.

Refreshingly, each application is available as self-standing, without requiring the purchase of the entire module or, indeed, of the full platform. In this way you can enjoy an extremely cost-effective solution while being able to customise it to answer to your specific use case.

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Our offering of developed and implemented applications is constantly growing.
Please get in touch if you want to appreciate its full extent and what it can do for you.


Ideal to help with optimisation and performance assurance, NIx Inspector apps identify
top offenders and recommend areas of improvement
and actions for better
customer experience

Ideal to help with operations and optimisation, NIx Manager apps monitor continuously
CM data evolution to detect performance degradations
and adjust settings for
an optimal service

Ideal to help with quality
and planning,
NIx Planner apps
deploy a competitor intelligence-driven strategy
by mediating and ingesting cross-domain data
and recommending
site modifications

Ideal to help with quality
and customer experience,
NIx CEM apps improve customer satisfaction through BSS and OSS data correlation

How it all works

For all technologies and environments

Your technology choices and environment preferences are not a limitation for our applications.
Based on solid network knowledge principles and expertise, we make sure that our NIx solutions work with
all network elements and network types, whether legacy technologies or virtualised network functions.
All NIx applications are easily customisable to your specific use cases:

The flexibility of the NIx modules and applications helps you to embrace and deliver digital, IoT and 5G services in a cost-effective way.

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You are in safe hands

NIx portfolio is backed by a unique multi-disciplinary team of expert engineers who have an extensive combined experience of software development and telecoms. They take extreme care in understanding your challenges, provide you with the most suitable customisation and, if required, implement it on your behalf.

Our current applications can also be the basis for further extensions or more complex applications to suit your needs. Our team is ready to expertly create and implement ad-hoc applications just for you, with the same beneficial features that you would expect from a NIx application.

Apps that make a difference

Energy Saver

Advanced power saving
features orchestrator


The app manages the switching on and off of the radio resources based on forecasting of traffic demand and performance. It orchestrates the activation of the power consumption features implemented by the different equipment vendors considering the topology, configuration and forecasted performance data of network elements such as traffic, number of active users, etc.

The Energy Saver solution supports network operators with the optimisation of their power consumption, minimising their energy costs based on their specific energy saving strategy, without causing any service degradation that could negatively impact the service performance.

Real-implementations have demonstrated that the level of energy savings achieved is a reduction of up to 15% of the life cycle cost.

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