Video Analytics

Gain better insights and guidance from your data lake by incorporating real-time video data. Support the optimisation of your key processes and workflows with the VAx video analytics engine.

Flexible VAx Video Analytics




Different situations


No situation is the same. Our data and software specialists adapt the VAx algorithms to help you solve your unique challenge, whether that being counting people and traffic, tracking waiting times, creating real-time heat maps, managing restricted area access, analysing particular patterns detected by the cameras, implementing surveillance, etc. Read some of our use cases and get inspired.

How it works

1. Detect

The video analytics solution VAx is either edge-based, cloud-based or combinations-based. The software detects the video data making use of existing or new IP cameras, regardless of number, brand or supplier. The software then converts the video images into data in real time, for example counting objects in area.
Additional customised detection features can also be added to the VAx solutions.

Our VAx solution options

Minimun camera requirements

2. Analyse

The data detected by the video cameras is added to other multiple source data and immediately analysed in real time by the VAx analytics software using deep learning AI algorithms developed ad-hoc. The outcome provides actionable insights that can be used in various off-the-shelf or tailor-made use cases. As an example, busy or unsafe situations can be detected while occurring and can be acted upon in real time.

Examples of off-the-shelf and tailor made algorithms

People counting solutions

Vehicle counting solutions

Logistics solutions

Industry solutions


A customised and very intuitive dashboard can be tailored to your specific situation to provide an at-a-glance view of all the relevant indicators for prompt action.

3. Visualise

The visualisation in real time of the data analysis’ outcome and the automation of the consequent actions are tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the customer.

4. Automate

Automated action

When particular pre-determined situations occur, the VAx can be set up to send automated triggers to other systems with open API to activate protocols or actions in real time.

Automated communication

Automated messages can be forwarded via the customer’s chosen communication channels with an open API, to share up-to-date alerts and information with selected recipients, for full visibility.

Selected video analytics
uses cases

See how some of our customers have solved their unique challenges with
our solutions. How will you benefit from our smart video analytics?

Border flow

Car park capacity


Bicycle path flow control and misuse tracking

Heavy vehicle logistics

Security enhancement
of procedures

Real-time capacity monitoring and modelling


We can tailor any of our use cases to be edge-based or cloud-based or, indeed, combination-based, depending on your specific requirements

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