FCD Alliance


The FCD Alliance is a partnership between Future Connections and DITECH 4.0., created to support and accelerate digital transformation and to better address the dynamic operational challenges of clients around the world. Together we provide more effective, comprehensive and expertise solutions that help you towards the achievement of your objectives.

Your objectives

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IT and software talent

Through the FCD Alliance, we can now offer IT and software talent to our clients. The services are designed as a practical and flexible answer to your skilled and experienced human resource needs, for example:

Skills and expertise

The FCD Alliance services cover a wide spectrum of technologies and enterprise solutions,
to better match your requirements.


Enterprise Solutions

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Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in developing and implementing
high quality software for any screen, equipment and technology, and can work as part of a team or independently.

Service delivery

The FCD Alliance has ample experience in delivering on time and on budget.
Depending on the specific requirements, customised proposals are put forward in the form of:

1. Software factory

2. IT and network talent

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