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Gain better insights and guidance from your data lake by incorporating real-time video data. Support the optimisation of your key processes and workflows with the VAx video analytics engine.

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Flexible VAx Video Analytics




How it works


1. Define use cases

No situation is the same. Our data and software specialists take time to understand your challenge, whether simple or complex, standard or unique. Some examples, to name but a few, include counting people and traffic, tracking waiting times, creating real time heat maps, managing restricted area access, analysing particular patterns in enforced behaviour or product/asset quality. The possibilities are endless.
Based on your own challenge, our specialists model the VAx algorithms to detect the data you need in the video stream, whether that being in real time or as a forensic exercise on previously obtained videos.

Explore some of our use cases and get inspired

Examples of off-the-shelf and tailor made algorithms

People counting solutions

Vehicle counting solutions

Logistics solutions

Industry solutions

2. Access video stream images

For real-time situations, the VAx makes use of existing or new IP cameras – regardless of number, brand or supplier – to connect to your video streaming. You can choose to do this in the cloud or at the edge, based on whether you prefer to have our VAx software hosted in the cloud or placed close to the camera.

Our VAx solution options

We help you define the best option for your situation


Minimun camera requirements

3. Analyse video stream

The VAx analyses the video stream to identify, collect and convert the relevant images into useful data. Using advanced machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence principles, our solution is trained to identify specific patterns and occurrences as set by the algorithms modelled for the use case. The outcome is a stream of meaningful information that provides answers to the customer’s use case.

Read some examples of customer use cases that we helped to solve

4. Bring the data together for more insights

In addition, the newly obtained data can now be added to the customer’s data lake along with other data coming from different sources. Correlation and further analysis can then be carried out across the entire data lake by applying big data analysis techniques, delivering actionable insights:

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VAx video analytics use cases

See how some of our customers have used our VAx video analytics to solve their unique challenges.
Get inspired and benefit from VAx too. Contact us for an informal conversation.

Border flow

Car park capacity


Bicycle path flow control and misuse tracking

Heavy vehicle logistics


Security enhancement
of procedures

Real-time capacity monitoring and modelling




Different situations


No situation is the same. Our data and software specialists adapt the VAx algorithms to help you solve your unique challenge, whether that being counting people and traffic, tracking waiting times, creating real-time heat maps, managing restricted area access, analysing particular patterns detected by the cameras, implementing surveillance, etc. Read some of our use cases and get inspired.

Automated communication
Automated action

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Automated messages can be forwarded via the customer’s chosen communication channels with an open API, to share up-to-date alerts and information with selected recipients, for full visibility.

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Wether your preference is for an edge-based or a cloud based solution, we deliver
the right video analytics response to your unique situation and challenge