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Bicycle path flow control and misuse tracking




Real-time counting of bicycle flow on specific paths around the city. Automatic detection of other objects on the bicycle path such as motorbikes, pedestrian or electric scooters, to track misuse of the path and trigger alarms.

bicycle flow control photo example

Edge-based VAx




Future Connections worked with a system integrator to design and develop an ad-hoc detection deep learning algorithm integrated in the VAx engine and to implement a resulting customised solution that identifies certain objects on the bicycle paths of the city. The edge-computing solution was installed close to the surveillance camera and telemetry was sent using either WiFi or 4G technology. The solution enabled accurate detection and classification of moving objects and provided seamless integration with 3rd party systems. Future Connections’ algorithms are highly customisable to achieve the required level of confidence in a wide range of environments.


The City Council can integrate real-time counting and misuse alarms in their IoT platform, so that it can monitor bicycle paths around the city. Council officials can be deployed more efficiently and to enforce proper use of the bicycle paths in real time.

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