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Customer Care Center

By implementing user friendly applications and customized portals in combination with technically experienced Customer Care representatives, FC is becoming a game changer in the world of remote customer support.

Our goal is to help customers in a very short cycle time, to create a one stop resolution approach and to solve a large part of the tickets completely remotely. With this approach we see a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. Future Connections offers this as a managed service for service providers in several business segments and includes this customer care services towards the enterprise customers.

Software Development and Integration

With our dedicated team of software engineers, Future Connections can design custom made solutions for companies in all kinds of industries. Development of customised front-end applications and portals, development and integration of a backend platform, adding business analysis and business intelligence layers, customizing your web-interface with customers.

Consultancy Business Analytics

How can I improve the management of processes from re-active to pro-active to predictive?
Many enterprises still manage their business process based on what happened, based on information generated from filters an aggregated data. The next step that many companies are making is to shift to “ insight” management, based on trend analysis and probabilities.  With the Reddie Enterprise Software platform as a software basis, combined with experienced consultants, Future Connections supports and guides enterprises to create real-time insights in their business processes and can implement models to grow to a foresight predictive model .With the Reddie Platform we are able to create operational vizualisations and intelligent content control. This are specific Business Intelligence layers that can add value to your current business processes without harming the legacy infrastructure.

Operational Services

Future Connections employs highly qualified and experienced engineers that can integrate and configure all new kinds of products, systems and solutions at customer premises. This can be a smart home environment or an enterprise environment where we guide customers in the digital transformation from hardware based solutions to cloud based platforms and applications.

Besides these services, Future Connections employs a dedicated group of engineers with experience in designing and implementation of wireless indoor solutions (WIFI, DAS, 3G/4G). We can provide this as an engineering service but also as a managed service. We call this: “connectivity as a service”.

Managed Services Operations Center

Ongoing digital transformation in all markets and every single device getting connected to the internet requires management, monitoring and optimization. Future Connections has developed and created an operations center that can provide all this in a smart and secured way. Our Future Connections Services Operations Center can work completely vendor independent. We use a multiple API layer in our platform that can connect to any device or system or application.

By adding data mining technology and business Intelligence rules we can support companies in their growth and improvement strategy and create visibility. We shift visibility from Hindsight (What happened) to Insight (What will happen?) to Foresight (What should I do before it happens?)

Virtual IT manager

Future Connections offers a Virtual IT Manager Service for companies that migrate to “cloud based solutions” and have limited focus on IT management, or limited budgets for own IT management. We remotely operate as your company’s IT manager, and execute all activities that you may expect from an experienced IT manager at interesting service fees. Our support will always be based on the latest developments and technologies and can be used on request.  We work the way you need.
IT can be complicated. Simplify it with Future Connections, the company to manage it all.

We work the way you need

IT can be complicated. Simplify it with Future Connections, the company to manage it all.
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