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“The Dutch adventure has broadened our horizon”

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“The Dutch adventure has broadened our horizon”

28th June, 2019

Last month, we interviewed the three Spanish students Jose Antonio Fernández, Alejandro Ruiz and Lucia Blanco about their work experience project at Future Connections in Etten-Leur. Their work in Etten-Leur has now finished and we catch up with them to see how they look back on their time in the Netherlands.

“We worked on a Business Intelligence project, in which we developed a tool for Customer Care and Backoffice of Future Connections. Early June, the first version of Reddie Reporting was released and we are very proud of how it’s turning out. In this first version, the project is more Business Analysis. implementing Business Inteligence processes will be a challenge, but we are eager to keep working on it! We learned a lot while developing this first version and that has given us a lot of motivation to keep working hard,” says Jose.

The students also worked on other projects. Alejandro: “We are still putting the finishing touches to our projects. We have put our hearts in them and hope to get good grades, because we tried to show off as much as possible, haha. Beside our personal projects, we also worked on other internal projects in Future Connections, such as continuous integration through all our apps and new deployment environments.”

How do the students look back on their time at Future Connections?

spanish-students interview experience photo“We think it was fruitful for both parties, because we gained a lot of experience in areas that are new or us (businesswise) and our colleagues here learnt a lot about the development process. We enjoyed our time here and will bring back to Spain great memories with our coworkers, like when we went to see a NAC Breda match or celebrated Feria de Abril. Plus, this Dutch adventure has broadened our horizon. Here, people enjoy life in a different way and getting to know that is something that enriches you. We are kind of sad that we have to leave now that good weather finally showed up but, on the other hand, we have plenty of that in Málaga!”

The end of the internship is not the end of the three Spanish students at Future Connections, says Lucia. “Our graduation is at the end of June, so we will have a well-deserved vacation before we start to work… in Future Connections! I’m going to return to Future Connections Etten-Leur and both Jose and Alejandro will work in the Málaga office of Future Connections. We decided to continue in this company because they matched our needs and, equally important, we are very committed to the projects.”

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