Future Connections

Technology Partner

Future Connections

Technology Partner

Future Connections creates and delivers innovative customised solutions and services to assist telecom operators and enterprises in their digitalisation and modernisation journey especially in the areas of network intelligence, analytics, optimisation and automation, as well as managed services. Our work is driven by data and rooted in leading-edge technology and aims to provide effective answers to the challenges posed by aligning and integrating people, processes and technologies that companies increasingly face due to ever-changing markets and technologies.

Our promises to our customers

Smart Simplicity

Future Connections develops smart solutions that distinguish themselves in user simplicity. This can only be reached with our continuous drive for innovation: to do more with less.

No to status quo

We start from possibilities, not conventions. We are driven to make technology work for people instead of the other way around. Customer results are the only things that matter to us.

Seamless Services

Our clients and their customers can rely on us without noticing or being aware of how everything works and integrates. Service without a service feeling, natural and intuitive.

What we do

Get Reddie for the best user

experience imaginable 

Reddie is our digital transformation platform with an easy-to-use front end. It has a multi-source back end with data mining and business intelligence rules. The Reddie platform is a white-label product that can be geared towards specific end user groups such as home, office, city and enterprise groups.

Embrace your digital (r)evolution

Digital technologies are changing the world at a frantic pace and endless new possibilities are shaping our imagination. Your company cannot escape digital transformation: it raises your customer and end user’s expectations on your organisation and transforms radically the pace and processes of your business. How do you meet such demanding digital needs?

Future Connections’ experience and knowledge can guide you every step of the way along your digital transformation journey, so that you can ripe the benefits without worrying about your digital (r)evolution.

Do it first time right

Your organisation wants to excel in the service to your customers. This means that everything you do must be first time right, on time and delivered at the best price. Achieve your operational excellence goals: use the various components of Reddie to optimise your processes and systems by digitalising them.

Let tech work for you

Technology is developing at a frantic pace and is complex. It's a challenge for your business to keep up with timing, knowledge, intelligent use and careful integration of it into your existing situation.

Future Connections has deep knowledge and experience of new technologies and integrates them into your environment, so that you can make maximum use of new developments and improve your business and competitive position intelligently.

Get from innovation to integration

You have invested a lot of time and money in your current ICT systems. You want to be sure that they continue to function and are developed and cleverly integrated with the new technology that you want to embrace. Future Connections’ smart integration approach makes sure that existing and new components are brought together and function seamlessly as a powerful system.

Make data the fuel for your business

Data analytics give you better insights, informing your business decision making and response to change. They drive forward your business performance, impacting positively your operational efficiency, marketing initiatives, sales processes, customer services quality, etc.

Let Future Connections help you gain insights into all your data and inform your decisions better by integrating data analytics as a solution in your business operations.

Collaborate with business partners with your ICT environment being supportive and not the limiting factor

In your ecosystem, you regularly work with other companies and partners. In order to be able to work efficiently together, processes, data and systems must be connected.

You do not want your internal systems to be disrupted or indeed be the bottleneck in the collaboration efforts. Future Connections works with you to find solutions for your systems and processes to support your collaboration and create new opportunities within your ecosystem.

Our approach

Future Connections is a game changer. We combine deep knowledge and experience in process engineering and software development under one roof and follow a unique agile delivery model. We believe in listening to the customers’ needs and in continually identifying points of improvements in their processes, tools and services. We use the latest technology to implement the improvements and integrate them in their workflows.

Our markets

Telecom Operators

System Integrators

Service Providers

Working at Future Connections

The knowledge and development of our people is central

At Future Connections it’s all about you. Our success goes hand in hand with your growth and  development. We provide opportunities to work in an international team and to develop and grow.