Future Connections unveils its program for MWC Barcelona ‘24

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Future Connections unveils its program for MWC Barcelona ‘24

Future Connections unveils its program for MWC Barcelona ‘24

The program includes the unveiling of its network strategy for a vendor-agnostic, open middleware product for RIC rApp/xApp and C-SON App developers as well as a range of network automation solutions customisable to any environment and ecosystem

Etten-Leur, Netherlands, 25th January ’24 Future Connections, the independent telco solutions provider and software developer with in-depth experience in network performance assurance, RAN optimisation and automation and in telco managed services, today announced details of its participation at MWC Barcelona 2024, which takes place on 26-29 February 2024.

MWC Barcelona is known as the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event where innovations are explored and opportunities are unlocked. In that spirit, Future Connections will present at the event new solutions, contribute to advance the global conversation on OpenRAN and RIC platforms, and discuss how its AI/ML-based expertise in automation and orchestration of network operations and processes helps communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve new levels of efficiency and improved quality of service, regardless of their ecosystem.

Future Connections’ program of activities at MWC Barcelona 2024 includes:

  • Sharing of its vision for a vendor-agnostic, open middleware product that accelerates RAN automation App development in multi-vendor environments. The solution provides Open APIs that deliver an abstraction layer that shields app developers from the complexity of vendor-specific C-SON and RIC platforms and ecosystem dependencies, enabling RAN automation Apps to be written once and then easily run in different environments. It eliminates a high degree of customisation caused by vendor-specific dependencies involving incompatible APIs, different programming languages, a variety of data collection methods and non-standard data types
  • Promotion of NIx, its modular, scalable, easily customisable and cost-effective platform that automates operations and optimises network processes by implementing the latest technology advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open API and big data analytics. The platform offers a portfolio of applications adaptable to any operator’s network ecosystem, whether it being traditional OSS or advanced to C-SON or, indeed, aligned to OpenRAN using a RIC platform
  • Presentation of some of its applications that solve specific challenges faced by the operators in their networks:
    • Spectrum efficiency – to automate the optimisation of cell coverage and capacity
    • Energy saver – to orchestrate advanced power saving features
    • Smart planner – to identify the best strategies to increase capacity while limiting investments to the minimum
    • Supervisor – to automate network operations with intelligent performance degradation detection
  • Promotion of a range of flexible and highly customisable professional services, designed to support the work of network teams when and where they need it the most

During the event, the rApp version of the Future Connections’ Spectrum Efficiency use case will also be featured in the O-RAN ALLIANCE Virtual Exhibition, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the advancement of OpenRAN with practical solutions. The same rApp, powered by VMware Centralized RIC, will also be featured at the stand of VMware by Broadcom, highlighting the collaboration between the two companies to develop and bring to the market effective responses to the challenges faced by operators in implementing OpenRAN principles in their network.

To pre-arrange a meeting with the Future Connections’ team, please send an email to [email protected] or click here. Future Connections will be located in the Spanish Pavilion in Hall 4, 4C30, booth 15.

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