Meet Future Connections at Digital Transformation World ‘22

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Meet Future Connections at Digital Transformation World ‘22

Future Connections presents its portfolio of NIx open network intelligence solutions, showcases SON/RIC applications development capability and demonstrates cloud native IT and network proof of concept

11th August 2022 – Etten-Leur, Netherlands

Future Connections, the experienced telco solutions provider and integrator specialised in network performance assurance and optimisation through automation and in telco managed services, today announced details of its participation at Digital Transformation World ’22, which will take place on 20 -22 September 2022 in Copenhagen.

After 3 years of disruption caused by the pandemic, the TM Forum flagship event is back as a face-to-face full immersive experience in its new location, providing a much-enhanced platform for all telco industry players to share groundbreaking innovation, market developments and business transformation journeys.

At Digital Transformation World, Future Connections will:

  • Present its portfolio of NIx open network intelligence solutionsservices and products – aimed at helping telco operators to progress and accelerate their digital transformation journey through automation and orchestration of their network and operational processes. The solutions, based on the proprietary platform NIx, are refreshingly modular, scalable, technology- and vendor-agnostic and highly customisable, providing a cost-effective approach to automation and ultimately impacting positively the operators’ customer experience
  • Demonstrate its proven capability to build applications for CSON and RIC that increase RAN automation in an Open RAN environment. The solutions are highly customisable to address the specific case studies of the customers, thus advancing the consolidation and modernisation of their systems as well as the creation of their ecosystems
  • Participate with its AI/ML and integration expertise in the innovative TM Forum Catalyst projectConverged access for ODA, focused on creating a highly desired reference model for the convergence of multiple access technologies that leads to a unified, coordinated, multi-access and multi-vendor converged network. The innovative proof of concept showcased reduces vendor lock-in, eases integration and operational management and improves business agility and interoperability across multiple applications and systems, accelerating time to market
  • Discuss real life use cases where its expert knowledge of AI/ML, data analytics and automation has delivered to tier-1 operators open-source solutions that broke down traditional information silos for better insights and reduced manual intervention, while optimizing network performance and operational processes and services

To pre-arrange a meeting with Future Connections, please click here or contact the marketing team by emailing [email protected]. Future Connections will be located in the Quad at the Bella Center, stand 338.

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