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Future Connections and Grupo Ditech launch the FCD Alliance to support digital transformation

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Future Connections and Grupo Ditech launch the FCD Alliance to support digital transformation

The partnership provides more integrated and innovative services and solutions based on the latest technology advancements

21st September 2021 – Madrid, Spain.

Future Connections, the leading provider of customised technology and software-based services and solutions that accelerate digital transformation through the automation of processes and the enhancement of service quality and efficiency, and Grupo Ditech, a Spanish-based company specialised in IT development, digital transformation and outsourcing, announce today the creation of the FCD Alliance.

Future Connections develops and delivers products and services that help Tier-1 telecom operators, system integrators and service providers enhance and automate their unique business processes and achieve new levels of efficiency. The company leads digital transformation in network and IT domains by combining real understanding of the customer’s business, environment and challenges, knowledge and passion for new technology and its endless customisable applications.

Grupo Ditech is an experienced company specialised in IT technology development, digital transformation and outsourcing services. Their projects are characterised by flexibility, experience, quality and reliability, and know no barriers in terms of language, geographic location and cultural affinity.

The two companies have been experiencing first-hand the increase in demand for more integrated and innovative services and solutions that effectively boost efficiency and productivity, rather than hindering them. Wanting to provide a practical answer to this digital transformation need of the market and having a common passion for and experience in innovative technology, they formed the FCD Alliance. The new partnership makes now available to a global audience a joint offering of superior technology expertise in IT, software development and network solutions, to deliver services and software-based solutions that are fully integrated, innovative, customisable, flexible, scalable and cost effective.

“The FCD Alliance has been created to better address the dynamic operational challenges of companies around the world and accelerate their digital transformation” said Carlos Garcia, CEO at Grupo Ditech. “Through the FCD Alliance we can now provide complementary services that simplify and support the digital transformation journey of our customers”. Alejandro Medina, CTO at Future Connections, added: “Better and more integrated solutions that boost efficiency and profitability are a clear must for many companies, as digital transformation is no longer an option. However, the complexity of the technology knowledge and the expertise required at times play as a barrier, rather than as a facilitator, to the transformation journey. Future Connections and Grupo Ditech have joint forces to help customers overcome this very barrier in a highly flexible and personalised way. The FCD Alliance provides the technology know-how, skills and experience required to put to good work the latest innovations such as Cloud, 5G, IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”.

The FCD Alliance is currently working in 16+ countries around the world with projects for customers across many verticals and markets.

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