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Future Connections celebrates its 5th anniversary looking at the future

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Future Connections celebrates its 5th anniversary looking
at the future

The anniversary is an opportunity to appreciate the journey so far and to continue with renewed energy towards the delivery of Service Assurance

21st March 2022 – Etten-Leur, Netherlands

Future Connections, the leading company helping telecom operators and service providers to bridge the gap between legacy and innovative technologies with convergence, integration, migration, automation and consultancy services, has announced that today it celebrates the 5th anniversary from its foundation.

The privately owned company was set up by three partners in the Netherlands on 20th March 2017, with the aim to provide high quality innovative technology services and solutions to the telecommunications and IT sector, deliver new levels of efficiency and profitability to businesses and, ultimately, help them to improve end customer satisfaction. The partners were fully aware of the risk incurred in stepping into a market where only established companies seemed to be able to succeed. However, they were determined to challenge the status quo with their real understanding of the customer’s business, environment and challenges, their deep knowledge of new technology with its endless customisable applications, and their full dedication to high quality delivery and customer satisfaction.

Five years on, the company has remained true to its founding principles while focusing on developing and delivering customised services and products particularly in the areas of big data and analytics, network automation and optimisation, and managed telco services, including field operations in the Netherlands.

Mariska van Herwijnen, Operational Manager Budget All-in-1 at Budget Thuis and long-standing customer of Future Connections from the early days, says: “For several years Budget All-in-1 has been working with Future Connections. We really value the co-operation as a successful partnership and together have integrated and improved a lot of processes. Our common goal is continuous improvement and growth of the customer experience, which we are realising successfully with this partnership. I am pleased to work closely with such an ambitious company”.

Future Connections opened operations in Malaga, Spain, shortly after its foundation and tasked software engineers to use the latest technology available, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analytics, to optimise and improve operational processes of its telecommunications and IT customers.

With the two core parts of the company established in the Netherlands and Spain, the business took off. Over the last few years Future Connections:

  • Added the residential operations business and, subsequently, the enterprise business to its portfolio serving a leading Dutch operator
  • Developed and delivered ad-hoc analytics, automation and optimisation solutions for the mobile network of a Spanish operator
  • Worked on several customised network-based and operation-based projects across Europe for new and old customers
  • Created and brought to the international market VAx, a powerful and fully customisable video analytics solution that can be trained to identify and analyse any unique visually recognisable data
  • Developed and launched NIx, a unique multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-domain, multi-service platform that improves automation and orchestration of network and processes by responding to the customer’s unique needs
  • Adapted its delivery model to facilitate the solution of some of the challenges experienced by telecommunications and IT operators in Europe during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Opened an office in the United Kingdom

Julien Beenakkers, co-founder and CEO at Future Connections, sees the anniversary milestone as an opportunity to celebrate together with staff and customers. He points out: “All what Future Connections has achieved over its first five years of life – long lasting ongoing partnerships with our customers, very high quality of delivery, recognition in the market and, indeed, a bright future – is a direct result of the exceptional skills and dedication of our staff. We are extremely grateful to our employees and believe that they still are the key ingredient to turn our plans for the future into reality.”

Alejandro Medina, co-founder and CTO at Future Connections, explains further: “Looking at the future, we will continue our journey towards the expansion and delivery of a full range of Service Assurance solutions to the telecommunications and IT sector. We have plans to provide an evolved ecosystem of services and products that help to overcome the usual silos within a company and bridge the gaps between OSS and BSS. The firm objective is to provide to the market solutions that will ultimately improve the end customer experience and satisfaction. We look forward to continuing our journey with our customers, partners and staff”.

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